Six Morning Rituals for Greatness

The morning is a miracle for several reasons. First, you just woke up and received another opportunity to live a day of life. Second, you get choose from the moment you wake up how you want this gifted day to proceed. Granted, we know life doesn’t always go as planned but if you set the tone for greatness early on, you increase the likelihood of a fulfilling and meaningful day.

In 30 minutes, here’s how I spend my early morning, aka my 6 Morning Rituals for Greatness:

  1. Upon waking up, say “thank you” out loud. The privilege of waking up in the morning is a gift that won’t be there forever.

  2. Drink a 16 oz glass of lemon water, followed by brushing your teeth. Repeat 3 affirmations in the mirror out loud once you’re done brushing. I am strong. I am confident. I am love. Or whatever else you choose. (5 minutes)

  3. Prayer or meditation. Invigorate feelings of love and stillness within yourself and watch how these feelings reappear throughout your day when you need it most. (5 minutes)

  4. Take a walk outdoors. Feel the fresh air, notice the sights and sounds around you. Ideally, immerse yourself in nature if possible. (5 minutes)

  5. Read a book or thought-provoking article. Whatever knowledge or inspiration you crave, find content that fulfill that need in you. (5 minutes)

  6. Write down your B.A.G. -  Blessings you’re grateful for, Affirmations you spoke out loud earlier in this routine, and Goals (the most important things for you to accomplish) for the day. Write down 3 of each or use our free greatness planner. (5 minutes)

Remember, the tone you set in the morning is likely going to be carried on throughout the day, so make it a great one.