An Elephant and Four Blind Men

Four Blind Men And An Elephant

The lesson today is all about PERSPECTIVE. I’d like to share an interesting story with you to help explain my point.

The story goes like this…

There were four blind men surrounding an elephant. The first was by the elephant’s ear and began to feel it with his hands. He said, “You know what… I think an elephant is just like a palm leaf.”

The second man was standing by one of the legs of the elephant. He began to feel it with his hands and then said, “An elephant is just like a tree trunk.”

The third man was standing behind the elephant and reached out to feel his tail. He said, “An elephant is just like the end of a broom.”

The fourth man was standing in front of the elephant and reached out to feel his tusk. He said, “An elephant is like the branch of a tree.”

The interesting thing here is that all of the men in the story are absolutely right. Their varying perspectives are 100% true, because they are describing perfectly their own unique experiences. But what they may or may not realize is that their perspective is just one perspective. And their personal perspective is only one of many possible perspectives.

The Lesson

Often times our perspectives are just one small part of a much bigger picture.

You may be encountering something in your life that you find challenging or difficult. Or maybe there is something in your life that is making you feel frustrated all the time. You are looking at this THING from a certain perspective. But what if you were to look at that same thing, but chose to just step one foot over to the side and look at it from a slightly different perspective?

If you’re looking at something in your life from the perspective of “this is challenging and frustrating and hard” and you shift your focus slightly to look at is as “this is an opportunity for me to grow… this is something that I can learn from… this is exciting and an adventure…” notice how the event, circumstance or whatever it is that you are dealing with doesn’t change, but the way you look at it completely changes how you feel and what you see.

Just like the men with the elephant. If they were to walk around the elephant and feel all the different parts before coming to a conclusion about what an elephant looks like, they would respond much differently than how they did the first time.  

An Invitation

“The way you see the world is the way the world responds to you.” – Wayne Dyer

Notice the lens that you’re looking through when you feel negatively about a situation in your life. Realize that your perception or your perspective on something is what shapes your reality. Shift your perspective and your reality will shift with it. This is a very real concept!  

In any given circumstance, ask yourself: How am I choosing to see the world?

Look through the lens of gratitude, acceptance, and love instead of the lens of frustration and hardness. The things in your life may not change per se, but you will change. And that is what changes everything.

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