Challenges and Opportunities


So there's a famous story about this student who comes up to this wise monk and he's going through some challenging times in his life, he's going through some things that he finds frustrating and he finds them hard to deal with and he comes up to this really wise monk and he says,  "Monk, I need your help." 

"I've gone through this, this and this and I just don't know how I'm going to get through it, I don't know you know what's going to happen. Can you tell me, can you tell me how to get through this? Please please give me something."

The monk kind of takes a deep breath and looks at the student and he says, "I can tell you but I will rob you of the experience."

And how often is it that we are in our lives, we are going through something challenging and we just want to get out of it as fast as we can, we want the answer right away, we almost want to fast forward through the problem but we understand that it's these challenges, these moments, these opportunities to grow that actually shape our lives.

So instead of looking for the answers, instead of being upset that a challenge is presented in front of you, look at it as an opportunity right?

There may be an answer, someone may have an answer for you but don't worry about that. Worry about moving through it gracefully.

Understand that every single time you are faced with a challenge, every single time you find something frustrating or annoying in someone or something presents itself think of it as the Universe or God teaching you a lesson.

I always like to think if the universe is conspiring for my greatest good, what is the lesson here?

And it is a radical shift in your mindset because what happens now is when things come into your life that are challenging they're no longer difficult. In fact, they become an opportunity for you.

You're almost grateful for the fact that you have something that's being presented to you that you can learn and grow from. A huge shift in your mindset to take challenges, allow them to become opportunities for growth.