Comfort Zones and Magic


Just enough pressure to grow, so when we want to build our muscles, we go to the gym, and we put just enough external pressure, or external stimuli, resistance on them, in order for them to grow.

When we want to expand our minds, we read books, we watch documentaries, we find experiences, and we start to curate our environment in a way that expands our mind, and that's what life is about.

Life is not about sitting inside that comfort zone. It's not about doing everything that we're comfortable doing, things we've always done before. In fact, it's all about reaching outside of that comfort zone.

There's a beautiful picture that I saw the other day that had this circle that said, "Your comfort zone," and then there was a dot that said, "Where the magic happens," and it's true.

Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. It's reaching beyond what you're just comfortable doing, and finding what exists out there. H

ow can we expand our mind more? How can we push our bodies further, right? The whole idea of when we're ready to quit, when we think that we're totally done, physically, mentally, emotionally, we're only about 40% of our actual capacity, our full potential, of what we're actually able to do, so let's continue to push those boundaries. Let's continue to explore, and see what it is we're truly capable of.

If we actually did that, we would astound ourselves. We would literally astound ourselves from what we were actually capable of, just by exploring a little bit beyond our comfort zones.

Let's commit to going outside those comfort zones, and seeing what lies out there.