Dealing with Jealousy


Jealousy, how many of us have felt jealousy before and how many of us have actually noticed how that makes our body feel and the kind of separation it creates between us and the other person?

So someone has something that I want or they're doing something that I want to be doing.

There's two ways to approach it and the moment that I shifted my perspective around it everything changed.

So the first way that I used to look at it was that person has something that I want and there's separation there, this person is an enemy.

This is something that I don't have and then I learned this concept of changing jealousy into admiration and there's a couple steps here.

So now all of a sudden, instead of being jealous of I actually admire that person for what they've accomplished, for the work that they've put into reach that level that I aspire to be. And after an admiration now all of a sudden I bring them into my tribe of my friends and my family and I get to learn from them, they get to become my teacher.

So what a powerful concept to shift from jealousy, anger and separation to now an admiration, a tribe member and a teacher. This person that you used to be jealous of becomes your teacher and you learn from them.

And this is the crazy concept is sometimes when you're learning from this teacher you may realize along the way that they have been learning from you.

Can we learn from everyone that we come into this contact, everyone that we've ever feel this kind of jealousy from, can we allow them to become our teachers and our guides?