Regrets of the Dying


The regrets of the dying.

Doctor Brani Wear, an Australian palliative care nurse was studying these patients in their last eight weeks of life and wrote a book about it which got picked up by the Guardian and the Huffington Post and then it got turned into a blog piece that I read years ago. Very powerful concept that has stuck with me for a very long time.

So she asked everyone in their last eight weeks of like hundreds of patients facing death, asking them what are your top regrets and the number one regret that I will remember for the rest of my life word for word is I wish I had lived a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

A powerful concept that we can think about all the time, are we living a life true to ourself?

There's so much we can learn from people who are facing death, right are we using death as something we're scared of or are we using it as an ally, the fact that we are going to die at some point, that's something that we know.

Me, you, everyone, everything around us is going to die but while we're here in this short amount of time that we have in this life and this existence, are we living or are we just existing? Are we living a life true to ourselves or are we living a life that others are expecting of us?

So that's a question that I ask myself all the time. Am I living true to me? Something really cool just to think about.