Schedules, Priorities, and Values


Show me your schedule and I'll show you your values.

So there have been countless studies done on successful people to learn about what it is that they did that allowed them to find success in whatever field that they found success in and what they found more often than not is, these successful people simply scheduled the things that were most important to them.

So there, your time is gonna be filled, one way or another, your schedule, your days are gonna continue to go by, we have 24 hours and they're gonna be gone just like that, do you allow the day to run you or do you choose to run your day?

Show me your schedule and I'll you your values and even more importantly, this concept of, instead of prioritizing our schedule, instead of looking at it and say okay what's the priority?

Schedule your priorities, what is most important to you? Is family time important to you? Then put that in. Is travel important to you? Then put that in.

It's amazing how many people will tell me that, I have always wanted to travel and yadda, yadda, one day it'll happen, one day it'll happen, I don't know if I can, and I'll tell them, if it was really important to you, if it was really a priority to you, you would be travelling.

Schedule your priorities, figure out what it is that's most important to you, put that on the schedule, show me that schedule and that'll show me your values.