The Secret To Greatness


What is the number one secret to greatness?

To realize that you are greatness. To realize that the greatness already lives within us. There's actually nothing external that we need to find. Yet everything to shut out and look in and discover. Something that's always been there, right. This idea in yoga that this light, this love within me bows to and honors that same thing within you.

We have it within us.

So if there's one secret to greatness, it's the fact that we realize our own divinity, know that we already have it.

I believe that our potential, what we know we're capable of, is here, and what we're currently doing, and where we're operating, is here. And anything in between that, that space there is where stress, anxiety, tension, I feel like sometimes you wake up in the morning, and something's just off, and you're not quite sure what it is, that's the space.

So that, I love to call it divine discomfort, that is the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, telling you you're capable of more.

You are capable of greatness and because you're not doing it, that's why that tension, that stress is there.

So instead of being afraid of it, or pushing it away, embrace it and know that it's guiding you towards greatness.

You, and each one of us, seven billion people, are here for one unique purpose. We are here to discover our own greatness, and then bring those gifts to the world. That's just my, my thought. I mean that's my, that's my truth.

We are here for greatness.