The Art of Equanimity



So, this concept of balance, right? If we look at our lives, we notice that every day, every month, every year is really just balance.

We're always balancing work and life and relationships and finances and all these different things in life.

One of my favorite people in all of history is Marcus Aurelius, a famous Roman philosopher. He wrote the book, Meditations. He talks about equanimity in a way that stuck with me for a really long time.

He says, when force of circumstance disrupts your equanimity, notice he says, when force of circumstance. It's not if, he says when.

So, it's not a matter of if we fall out of balance, it's when we do, he says, lose no time in recovering your balance.

Habitual recurrence to harmony improves your mastery of it. So let me say that one more time, habitual recurrence to harmony improves your mastery of it, meaning it's not about when we fall off.

It's when we do, it's all about can we get right back on track? Can we recover our balance as soon and as fast as possible? And not only that, the more that we do it, the better we become at it. We actually become masters of finding this balance, and equanimity in our lives.

And I love that concept that life just becomes this balancing act, we get masters of it. Pretty cool.