The Mindset of the Stone Cutter

The Mindset Of The Stone Cutter

Today’s lesson comes from a story about a stonecutter.

The story goes that there was a professional stonecutter standing in front of a giant rock. He lifted his pick-ax and began chipping away at the rock over and over and over again, as hard as he could. Eventually, after several days, a lone traveler came down the path. He noticed the stonecutter lift up his tool and bring it down on the stone, which then split right in half.

The traveler was amazed. He thought, “Wow! Look how strong that stonecutter is! He broke that rock with one swing!”

In reality, the stonecutter did not split the rock with a single blow. He worked for hours, even days on the rock before it got to a point where it would break in half. It was only after consistent, committed action that this stonecutter successfully broke his giant stone.

In order to crack the rock, the stonecutter had to hit it over and over and over again.

The Lesson

Sometimes we look at people who have achieved a lot of success in their life and we assume it just kind of happened overnight, or without great effort on their part.

Maybe they’re incredibly healthy and fit. Maybe they’ve done really well in business. Maybe they have a wonderful relationship with their significant other or maybe they are a genius with finances.

But remember… nothing great is achieved overnight.

When you see someone who has reached the goals you are working so hard to achieve, think of the long days, nights, weeks and even years that they have been working to get where they are. See their own journey and success as inspiration and not something to get down about.

It is consistent action, perseverance and the commitment to things that matter most to you that will make the difference.

So keep walking that path and stay committed! And remember, we’re in this together.

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