The Power of Authenticity


Authenticity. Who we are.

Doctor Seuss says, "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you."

And maybe it's for kids to read but really for adults to understand; are we ourselves as we show up, or are we showing up as what we want to impress other people with?

Are we someone who our families think we should be? Are we someone who society says we should be or what our friends tell us we should be?

Or are we actually embodying who it is that we are?

And the reality is we're all strange and weird in our own way. We all like our own things. Maybe you like just sitting out at a park and being with nature. Maybe you like reading and staying in on Friday or Saturday and watching documentaries, movies, and geeking out on.

It doesn't matter what the universe and science, let's face it. Whatever your thing is, find it and do that, and what you'll find is the right people in your life begin to surround you with them. Like the same people who are interested in the same things as you, begin to come into your life.

So it's all about authentically showing up as who we are. Not being afraid of what that looks like for anyone else.

If every single person in this world came alive authentically with who they were, this entire world would change. Everyone would be doing what they love, living into their passion, and that is what begins to change the world. It starts with us.

Don't be concerned about with what anyone else is doing. Figure out who you are, be true to you, and the world changes.