The Secret to Gratitude


Training our minds to be grateful.

You'll probably notice that when you are shopping for a car and looking for a Prius for instance, and then all of a sudden you are driving on the highway you start to notice another Prius and another Prius and another Prius and there it is.

And it's like there's more of them all of a sudden but the reality is there aren't more of them, your brain is just recognizing them now.

So we have this part of our brain called the RAS, the reticular activating system that is responsible for recognizing patterns.

And what it does is when we put something into our mind it is always looking for something else to prove our world right, it always wants to kind of make sense of everything and it finds these patterns in the world.

And so what we can do to use this to our advantage is to literally train our minds to be more grateful. Even if it's incredibly challenging for you when you're sitting down.

So you have to look at notice things here right now. Trees and the grass and the air and the sky and your lungs, your heartbeat, everything that you have in your life, notice how as you tune into gratitude and then you tune into gratitude again and again all of a sudden you become a grateful person.

It doesn't just happen by accident you are actually creating new neural pathways, you are training your mind to be more grateful and you'll start to notice that initially you kind of trudge through and it's a little challenging, you're creating these new neural networks then all of a sudden it just happens.

You wake up and you're like wow, look at all of this that I can be grateful for and then you start to just live from a space of gratitude, the foundation of your existence and you're being and everything you are in this world becomes gratitude.

And that's a really powerful concept. It's a huge shift in your life where all of a sudden everyone starts to notice oh my gosh this person's grateful all the time.

Well it's not by accident, you actually train that gratitude muscle, you train your mind to be grateful.