The Secret to Success


The secret to success is two steps, two steps, with maybe a third hidden step.

The secret to success is simple.

Number one, show up. Just show up. Whatever that looks like to you, whatever it is you need to do, wherever it is you need to go, just show up. That's the hardest part.

The second step is to do your best.

Don Miguel Ruiz talks about it in his great book, The Four Agreements. Agreement number four, always do your best.

When you always do your best, there are no regrets. There's not even a space for, well how could things have turned out differently? You know that you showed, you did your best, and there's no attachment.

The third hidden step of success is to be free of attachment. Be free of any expectation of an outcome.

When you show up and you do your best, the rest doesn't matter, right? The byproduct becomes a happy, successful life.

In fact, it's said that this idea of happiness, right? We're out chasing happiness. We're looking under this place and over there, and within this person. We're looking for happiness, yet happiness is not a destination. It is a means of travel.

Simply by showing up and doing your best, and being free of the outcome, do we have happiness at our sides, as we start to look around and notice this beautiful, blessed life that we have?

There it is, the secret to success, and possibly even the secret to life. Show up, do your best, and let go of expectations.