Trust the Process


Trust the process. Know that you right now are exactly where you need to be.

Steve Jobs talks about it in his famous commencement address at Stanford where he says you can't connect the dots looking forward you only connect them looking backward.

And everything begins to make perfect sense and I love this because how many times in your life have you been going through something challenging or trying to figure out why this is happening.

Begin to understand that it is all part of your evolution, every single experience that you've had, even the ones that you think are the most challenging or the ones that you wish didn't happen. They have shaped you to become who you are today.

So we are truly in this moment exactly where we need to be. We are exactly who we need to be and we continue to grow along this path and maybe right now you're in a situation that doesn't make sense, maybe you're going through a challenging breakup or you're going through a difficult transition from one job into another or whatever that looks like to you.

What if you just trusted that as long as you showed up, you did your best and let go of expectations that everything was working out for your highest good, that this was all part of your evolution that you need to be having this lesson.

In fact they say that the universe or God is always going to present you with the same challenge until you learn from it.

You will continue to be presented with the same thing until you grow from them and then when you do the next one will present itself, the next challenge and the next opportunity to become a better, stronger version of yourself will be there for you.

So trust, just trust that you're here and this is exactly where you need to be.