We are Explorers


We are explorers.

We didn't stay in the caves. We didn't stay on our planet, and we are meant as human beings to explore the world around us and the world even beyond that.

Oliver Wendell Holmes says, "A mind stretched by a new experience "never returns back to its old shape."

This idea of everything that we do, every time we see a new, novel experience, wherever it is, even if it's right around us, or outside of our immediate surroundings, but our mind is expanded.

Not only is it expanded, but we have a deepened understanding of our existence. We have a deeper understanding of how the world works and our place in it. How am I showing up in it?

I believe for the rest of our lives we are meant to explore, whatever that looks like.

Maybe it's externally exploring new places, or internally exploring new depths, right? Navigating the corridors of our minds and our souls to figure out what lives in there. Who are we, and what are we here to become?

If a seed is planted in the ground, you don't know what it's gonna be until you begin watering it, and giving it sunlight, and everything that it needs. It begins to grow.

Let us find out what it is that we are here to do. Let us find what this seed is going to become and turn into, and manifest and become in this lifetime, in this world, and I believe that that's what we're here to do, is just to explore.