We believe a great life is made of great moments.

Do great things with your moments and support others along your journey. 

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Project: House build for families in need
Location: Maneadero, Mexico
Partner: Baja Bound
Status: 25 homes built as of September 2019

Project: Clean Water Initiative - Hurricane Relief
Location: Puerto Rico
Partner: Coalition of Hope, ALA, Spectrum
Status: Completed February 2018

Project: Afghan and Pakistan refugee camp support
Location: Athens, Greece
Partner: Journey
Status: Completed June 2017

Project: House build & empowerment programs
Location: Nicaragua
Partner: Journey
Status: Completed February 2017

Project: Rescue 2 million children from sex slavery
Location: Costa Rica, Thailand, Haiti
Partner: Operation Underground Railroad
Status: Ongoing support

Pop Bottle School Opening Group.JPG

Project: Vocational School Opening & Support
Location: Jiquilillo, Nicaragua
Partner: Monty's Beach Lodge
Status: Opened August 2017, Ongoing Support


Project: Micro-loan food cart, orphanage painting
Location: Cambodia
Partner: Hands On Journeys
Status: Completed January 2016

Project: Prevent malaria transmission
Location: Eastern African Countries
Partner: Against Malaria Foundation
Status: Ongoing support

Project: Micro-loan bracelet making program
Location: Vietnam
Partner: Hands On Journeys
Status: Completed January 2016

Project: Reduce homelessness
Location: San Diego, CA
Partner: PATH Connections Housing
Status: Fundraising completed March, 2014

Greatness is choosing to live a life you’re proud of.
— Mike Sherbakov, Founder