007 - How to Reduce Suffering With Theresa Larson

Theresa Larson (aka) Dr. T is an expert on movement health and a former Marine Corps Engineer Officer and Combat Veteran. With a doctorate in physical therapy, Theresa embarked on an entrepreneurial and personal “Hero’s Journey” into creating workout and therapy programs that help people reduce or eliminate suffering.

In This Episode of Do Great Things:

  • Overcoming childhood loss and creating a resilient mindset

  • The challenges and rewards of serving U.S. Marine Corps as a female officer

  • How to recognize when you ought to seek help and support from your superiors

  • How suffering helps you start asking different and better questions

  • Starting a solo business after 6 months of clinical practice in PT

  • Entrepreneurship path as a way of getting to know yourself deeply

  • The importance of creating a culture before creating a product

  • Why you need a network of supporters in building the business side of PT practice

  • Direct contact with clients in mobile practice Vs. digital therapy practice approach

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*If you are interested in any specific part of this interview, you can access and search the automated transcription HERE.